Just Arrived!     


If you want to sample the taste of your own home grown produce this year, we have everything you need to get stated. Sturon Onion sets, Golden Gourmet Shallots and seed potatoes have just arrived.The seed potatoes can be “chitted” now. This starts the growing process so your crop will be bigger and ready sooner.

How to Chit Potatoes:

  • Large potatoes can be cut in half
  • Put the seed potatoes into a box or tray where they can be supported in an upright position – cardboard egg boxes are ideal for this.
  • Place the potatoes somewhere bright and cool.
  • After about 4 weeks the green shoots should be approx 3-5cm
  • From the middle of March the potatoes can be planted out. Only leave 3-4 shoots on the potato when planting, the rest can be rubbed off.